Here are some frequently asked questions that you may be wanting answers to!


Q: Do you offer a layaway plan?

A: Absolutely! Here are all the steps for my layaway plan:

1) Give me the details for your custom order (length, coloring, installation method, if you would like them straight/sun dried and wavy)

     - Please feel free to include pictures of your hair if you would like me to help you assess how much hair you will need. Also include any photos of color combos you would like :) 

2) Let me know if you live in the US or internationally

3) I give you your custom price based on your unique customizations 

4) I break down your total price into comfortable payments for you

5) I will set up a product on my website for you to purchase at your convenience (there is no deadline)

6) I will be alerted once you make your final payment, then will send out your set


Q: Is the hair you sell human hair?

A: Yes, all extensions being sold on this site are 100% human hair, all my Elegante’ line is Remy, my favorite, the finest in extensions.


Q: What is the difference between the different lines of hair?

A: The economy line is 100% human hair. It is the thinner of all the lines, but if a great alternative for those who would like to rock my dye styles but would not like to invest so much money on their hair.

The luxury line is 100% human hair and is thicker then the economy line. This line holds the longest lengths I offer, 24-32”.

The Elegante line is my main line. It is 100% Remy human hair, which is the top of the line in hair extensions. Remy extensions are the most natural looking of all extensions and are known for their silky, thick and long lasting quality. Remy extensions are special because the hair strands are all kept in the same direction as they were naturally grown. This minimizes damage when combing and using hot tools and allows them to tangle and matte far less than regular human hair extensions would, allowing your beautiful extensions to last far longer.


Q: What colors do you offer?

A: Each of my orders is custom made to fit your unique personality. Simply email me a photo of your hair color, a photo of a hair color you would like or the name of a shade you use so I can do a perfect color match for you. 


Q: What does “double wefted” mean?

A: Double wefted extensions are made up of two wefts (tracks) of hair stitched together. This makes the hair thicker then a single weft and helps to make hair look fuller. My supplier manufactures all my extensions to come factory made as a double weft. I then bond two tracks together to make an extra secure and thick weft with absolute minimum to no shedding!


Q: How do you attach the extensions?

A: All clip in extensions can of course be clipped into your hair. If you are just starting out don’t be afraid, you will get more comfortable and confident when wearing them. Practice makes perfect! Just wait till you start getting compliments, you may never leave the house without them again!

To clip in, simply part your hair where you would like the extension piece. Feel free to hold up the weft of hair to measure where you should tease your hair based on the alignment of your clips. Then, with a comb (or a brush if that is all you have) tease the hair close to the scalp to form a small patch of hair to hold the clips solidly. People either spray the patch with a spray of hairspray, or prefer to spray the area before teasing. Try both to see what works best for you! Next, clip the extension in the sprayed and teased patch, close to the scalp, and snap the clip closed. Your extensions should stay put all day given they don’t get yanked on too hard. I personally use Got2B Glued for a super tight hold. I apply it to the area, then tease and then clip into the tease, they never slip anywhere even when I go on roller coasters or dance!


Q: How should I wash my extensions?

A. Your extensions may be washed with a gentle cleansing shampoo and cold water. To keep colors vibrant, it is preferred that you very quickly shampoo to avoid any color bleeding. No need to get crazy with your hands, delicately apply the shampoo and quickly wash it off, gently squeezing out the excess shampoo in your running water. I would recommend using a conditioner made for reviving and adding nutrients to your hair, I love conditioners with Argan Oil and I am also personally in love with Mane N Tail (I use it all the time on my own hair and use it on all extensions I ship out)! Saturate your hair extensions with the conditioner. You may leave your wonderful locks to soak in the conditioner’s nutrients for anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. If you would like to condition them again, feel free! Moisten up those babies! Once you are done, you may use a towel to dry them as much as possible, read drying techniques in the question below. Make sure to dry the clips completely to avoid them rusting, and be delicate with them to avoid chipping the factory paint on them!


Q: How should I dry my extensions?

A: I personally always let my clients extensions air dry, just as I do my own hair and extensions. I believe in minimizing heat damage. Hair, no matter if it is on a weft or on your hair, should be loved and treated delicately! If you would like to speed up the process you can always use a towel to dry our your extensions first. When combing, be very delicate, hair since hair tends to stretch when wet. Start combing your extensions starting from the very ends and slowly work your way up to avoid tangles and eliminate unnecessary breaking and tearing to your beautiful locks. If you are not in a rush to put your extensions on then it would be best to leave them out on a towel to air dry. If you would like them to be dried sooner then try leaving them out in the sun light, or in a warmer area. If you do come down to using a blow dryer (I hate using them) but make sure you use a heat-protecting spray (just a squirt or two - any more and they will be greasy when they’re dry) and dry on the lowest, coolest heat setting to avoid damage. When the extensions are dry, gently brush to remove any remaining knots, starting at the ends. Feel free to use your favorite hot tools responsibly!


Q: Will my extensions fade?

A: Permanent colors such as black, blonde and brown don’t have problems with fading. Semi and demi permanent colors (reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples and pinks) do fade with shampoo usage. Extensions that are clip ins are best for semi permanent shade since they allow you the luxury of being able to take them out at night and you don’t have to wear them 24/7. If you ever need a retouch on your coloring please feel free to email me at Please include images of your set now as well as the coloring you would like so I can better assist you immediately.


Q: What can I do to keep my hair and extensions healthy?

A: Personally, I use the Organic Hair mask by The Ariel Co. and saturate my hair as well as my extensions when needed. This technique saves me from constantly trimming off broken and dead ends because they disappear after washing. In between treatments you can wash your extensions in your favorite pH balanced conditioner for a few hours. I also recommend using Argan Oil after styling to tame any flyways and to restore moisture. It is also very important to use a guiding comb when using hot tools. This allows the hair to glide through the heat in a smooth and even manor and reduces damage immensely while keeping the hair silky and tame!



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